The Great Glen

With a strengthened bond from conquering the north sea together, Micha and I finally enjoyed a relaxing few days sailing slowly up the north coast of England, visiting parts of my country which were new to me. After the stress of the past few months, it was important that we had this time together. It … Continue reading The Great Glen


Hand-in-hand through our boatyard life

Pantagruel, Micha and Jo 54º63.13’ N  009º93.06’ E, Arnis, Germany Finally my time in India was up and any remaining scraps of paper covered in scribbled calculations were tossed in the bin. We arrived at the boatyard late one evening after a 500km drive. Panta loomed above us in the darkness, like a dinosaur, standing … Continue reading Hand-in-hand through our boatyard life

The best laid schemes…

Pantagruel’s coordinates: 54º63.13’ N  009º93.06’ E, Arnis, Germany As temperatures dipped below zero, Micha and friends worked hard to take down the masts, get the boat out of the water and construct a canopy covering the deck for the winter work to begin. Micha’s coordinates: 51º36.256’ N  007º24.348’ E, Dortmund, Germany When not at the … Continue reading The best laid schemes…