Due to the type of construction and her equipment, the yawl is ideal for long cruises with both large and small crews.pantagruel-umriss

The yacht has 11 berths in five open spaces, including two double berths. The ‘open plan’ layout means there no separate cabins or shut doors (except for the captains cabin, the bow berth and the 2 bathrooms), so you will need to be comfortable without much privacy.

The large galley and the modern navigation control post are located in front of the companion way. Adjacent to this space, there is a sanitary unit with a sink and an electric toilet. Shower facilities are located on deck. In the middle part of the yacht, there is the Saloon with space for the entire crew. The mast cabin, located at the front, can be used as an entertainment room, equipped with a bar and a naval library. Another double berth with a washing facility and toilet is located in the bow.

All boaters who want to share a sailing event on the Pantagruel should be aware of the fact that the limited space of a sailing yacht requires a generous interpretation of the concepts comfort and intimacy.

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