3 thoughts on “Sailing in the South Pacific

  1. Hey there,

    i would like to join when you guys are in Vanuatu.

    Do you hvae a free slot?

    I am a student from Hamburg and love travelling.

    Best Regards
    Adrian Heinrich


  2. Hello Micha and Jo, I found your profile on findacrew and I am really interested to join you on your journey, I have written to your email at info.pantagruel@gmail.com a couple of weeks ago and haven’t had any replies so far. Perhaps my message got lost somewhere in the realms of internet…

    In any case, I am currently in New Zealand, and looking for a way to leave the country on a sailboat (hopefully reaching South East Asia). I saw that you were doing a world round trip and would be willing to hop on board if you are interested. I don’t have much experience sailing, but I’m very keen to learn and would love to join you on this adventure.

    Looking fowards to meet you!

    (From Quebec)



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