Sinking of Sy Pantagruel / Havarie SY Pantagruel

On Friday morning December 18th 2020 around 09:30 local time the German flagged sailing vessel “Pantagruel” sunk in Vanua Balavu during the tropical cyclone Yasa. In this report I would like to describe the circumstances of the incident.  Am Freitag morgen den 18.12.2020 gegen 09:30 Ortszeit in Vanua Balavu / Fidschiinseln gesunken. In diesem Bericht möchte … Continue reading Sinking of Sy Pantagruel / Havarie SY Pantagruel

Antilles: from the lesser to the greater

‘Unfrequented’, ‘remote’ - these were words that started to crop up more often as we scanned the cruising guides for nice anchorages in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. Finally it was time to leave the Lesser Antilles and head to destinations where neither Micha or I had been before. I was excited.   We … Continue reading Antilles: from the lesser to the greater

A day in the Caribbean life

I woke up moist and achey. It had rained during the night and my sloth-like closing of our porthole combined with the slow drip from our leaky teak deck resulted in a soggy bed. The joys of old wooden boats. Our body clocks are quite in tune with the sun’s presence out here, only Micha’s sun … Continue reading A day in the Caribbean life

Into the great wide open

“What about skipping Brava and heading straight for the Caribbean instead?” voiced Inge during our sail to the southwestern Cape Verdean island. The situation onboard was so relaxed that within 5minutes we’d all agreed and had a new way point programmed into our chart plotter, 2000nm further west... we didn’t even have to change the … Continue reading Into the great wide open

Cape Verdes no stress

We arrived at the bay of Palmeira on Ilha do Sal, the northeastern most Cape Verdean island, just after the sun had come up. After 5 days at sea without seeing a single other vessel, we suddenly found ourselves in a bay full of foreign sailing boats from France, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, America, England, Belgium, Netherlands … Continue reading Cape Verdes no stress