Just had a fantastic ten days on Pantagruel, GREAT boat, GREAT places, GREAT company, GREAT meals, GREAT sailors.

Anyone who doesn’t love this boat and this way of life is missing out big time!

Learned a lot from the ever cool and level-headed Micha and will be back for some more fur sure.

May Panta & Micha roam the seas and oceans for decades to come – I wish them well.


Jeff, 60, english, Jan 2013

Michael will bring you on Neverland, playing with pirates and with lost boys, you can’t miss it! The yacht is able to make you know deeply who you are and what are your limits just to go beyond them! My experience was very good and very fascinating. I met a lot of great people and I really went in touch with the nature and the great ocean. Thank you…

Laura, 34, female, Italy, 05 Apr 2013