27 Oct – 23 Dec 2012: Portugal – Martinique

Gentlemen may only sail downwind, but it’s pretty fun on the rail.

Thanks for the adventures and memories… and for helping to get my compass aligned.

May the Panta always be true.

Merry Christmas

Robert Collis

Robert Collier, 30, USA, 27 Oct – 23 Dec 2012

“Micha is a great captain who really knows the sea and his yawl – a classic yawl with charm and detail that is lost on newer vessels. . I had a wonderful time aboard for 3 weeks along with 7 other crew members, filled with great conversation, learning, and respect. The ship itself is full of charm and warmth and a pleasure to sail. I highly recommend sailing with Micha!” 

Fernando, 31, male, USA, 21 Nov 2011