27 Oct – 23 Dec 2012: Portugal – Martinique

Gentlemen may only sail downwind, but it’s pretty fun on the rail.

Thanks for the adventures and memories… and for helping to get my compass aligned.

May the Panta always be true.

Merry Christmas

Robert Collis

Robert Collier, 30, USA, 27 Oct – 23 Dec 2012

First question I had to ask myself, and eventually the rest of the crew was ‘what’s the date today?’ You know it’s a good trip when you have no idea where you are, what days date or time it is. But seriously, trip of a life time! Thanks for all the amazing opportunities, and the adventure. I can’t be grateful enough. A good trip’s made by great people, and this crew were fantastic. Thanks again, good luck and hope to meet again.


Heather Legge, 22, Australian, Feb 2013