Caribbean Islands (Martinique – Dominica -Guadeloupe -Antigua – Montserrat – Îles des Saintes – Martinique)

Dear Jo, Dear Micha,

thank you for the great time on board of PANTAGRUEL, for the arrangement of the meetings with the wales and the dolphins 🙂

Cheers! Saskia& Ben


Saskia&Ben, 28, german, 8-24th March 2013

Sailing in the Bahamas with Michael and Pantagruel was definitely an adventure,
Michael is a great sailor and I will trust him in any situation at sea, along with a beauty that is Pantagruel, such good boat, and prrretty fast !
All the elements for fun onboard, diving, cocktails, nice little dinghys, thirst for exploration …
Happy sailing Pirates !


Gaellebo, 26, female, France, 05 Jan 2013