Caribbean Islands (Martinique – Dominica -Guadeloupe -Antigua – Montserrat – Îles des Saintes – Martinique)

Dear Jo, Dear Micha,

thank you for the great time on board of PANTAGRUEL, for the arrangement of the meetings with the wales and the dolphins 🙂

Cheers! Saskia& Ben


Saskia&Ben, 28, german, 8-24th March 2013

I sailed with Michael from Portugal to the Canaries, via Morocco, and I have to say it were really great times for me. Michael is an excellent captain, he knows everything and is pretty fun, the yacht is a beautiful vessel and the crew was so nice, very international so as the food which was always very good 🙂 Lots of things to do and learn on board. I would go again anytime

Teresa, 19, female, Portugal, 02 Mar 2013