Our “Panta” has a long and exciting history:

Designed in 1920 in Kiel, Germany, by the ingenious naval constructor Max Oertz, she was built based on the plans of the imperial yacht “Germania” in the renowned shipyard of Wilhelmsburg.

To escape from destruction during World War II , the then owner sent the boat to the bottom of the Stettin port. When she was removed from the bottom of the sea, she was given a new deck structure. Between 1950 and 1985, the yawl successfully participated in many Baltic races under the name of the Polish king “Chobry”.

In 1991, the Pantagruel was discovered by a German admirer and transferred from Poland to Hamburg where she was used from time to time as a private yacht.

For over 20 years, the SY Pantagruel has been sailing as a charter yacht in the Baltic Sea, North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Read about the equipment, specifications and layout.


6 thoughts on “History of S.Y. Pantagruel

  1. I had an amazing experience sailing from England to Portugal in 2011 and can’t wait to get back in board for a longer crossing.
    – Tyler


  2. It was not a name of the Polish king. The name of the king was Bolesław, and the nick-name was Chrobry. The latter means “brave”, “lionhearted” or something like that. However, it functions in Polish as an independent word.
    I’ve skippered “Chrobry” several times. It was wonderful yacht! Beautiful, swift, manoeuvrable and seaworthy! The best place to look, how she goes, was on her bowsprit. Even when foredeck was already somewhat wet, the bowsprit remained dry. Wonderful…


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